The Trials and Tribulations of a Teacher During Uncertain Times

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For teachers and parents, the recent outbreak of Covid-19 presents a lot of challenges. Deaths caused by this disease are on the rise, and it is becoming difficult for students to go to school or simply stay home from it. The risk students take in going to school is too big for many parents to handle.  

The overwhelming consequences of students brought by pandemic to school, the need to question if it is worth waking up every day to go teach, and the struggles of grading hefty papers and exams leave teachers with a sense of anxiety and doubt.    

Many students were affected by the pandemic and had to be taught at home. This was a great disappointment and could have triggered the end of their education. But with the assistance of their parents, teachers were able to be there for them.    

The new learning landscapes   

The crisis created more stress for teachers as they felt that it would affect the students’ performance in school. However, the teachers felt that as a teacher, one must come from a place of empathy and care for everyone to help them overcome hardships. Remote learning proved to be a good alternative for those who cannot attend school because of the crisis.    

Teaching through Skype and Zoom allowed both the teachers and students to enjoy an interactive learning experience.    

Additionally, the pandemic totally changed the way teachers allot time for teaching, interacting with students, and doing the required deliverables.   

The positive impact of technology in schools   

Technology has endowed both the students and teachers with additional learning opportunities and has made it easier for both parties to interact online.    

Internet technology brings new opportunities for teaching, communication, and sharing information. Through the use of social media, television channels and the Internet, there is ample opportunity for students to learn about their surroundings.    

The ability to access valuable resources through internet technology has made it possible for teachers to offer relevant resources to students.   

A Tiring Day in the Life of a Teacher: Their Hidden Struggles 

The process of home-based teaching is not as simple as it is assumed to be. It requires a lot of family services and money. Many people are more than willing to help, but they struggle.  

The formative assessment tools used to measure the student’s understanding of the information presented in class were difficult for teachers to use. The online assessments were also time-consuming, and it was difficult for teachers to grade when so many students were missing work.  

The use of peer-to-peer interaction tools also became problematic. It was difficult for teachers to check what their students were doing on the Internet and in real-time. This became particularly true when the teacher’s computer crashed, which was more likely to occur during a crisis.    

Technology has brought about a lot of opportunities for assessment, evaluation, and professional development for teachers, but it is not without its problems.  

More Challenges Along The Way 

Dealing with passive learners is a huge challenge for teachers as well.  

Many students have been accustomed to using technology for school communication, which has made them less likely to engage during class. In addition, technology does not allow for the same intimate relationship with teachers that come from face-to-face interactions. 

The development of online learning is a double-edged sword, as students can use it to complete work outside of the classroom, but they can also use it to escape the classroom and remain passive while there. 

Another challenge is how to encourage collaborations among students. The problem is that every student has his idea of what collaboration means to him, and most of them don’t see something as collaboration when they just do the same thing together.  

Additionally, some teachers don’t know how to give feedback on assignments and presentations. Many students expect that they will receive feedback even if the deadline is extended or they hand it in late. This challenge has become harder to face since the establishment of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The Gap  

There is a huge gap between students and teachers that has become more apparent since the onset of the crisis. A lot of students have been bringing diseases to school and are absent for days. This has affected their grades directly, as they don’t feel motivated to come to school and do their work.  

The number of students who want to learn seems to decrease every day, leaving teachers feeling hopeless and frustrated with their roles in schools. 

Final thoughts 

A lot can be done to make it work out. Both teachers and parents can offer each other their support during this particularly difficult time. However, people must acknowledge that it is not a simple task. It requires a lot of hard work, effort, love, and dedication to alleviate the situation at hand.  

Their instructional strategy must be versatile and flexible to adapt to the different needs of their students. Be reflective of the student’s needs and adapt instruction to fit the situation where they are in. Be patient and give them time to catch up.  

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