Young Focus Philippines: The light that guides the youth

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We live in an era where poverty and homelessness are rampant throughout the world. These are the major factors that are affecting the growth of our society. Children were the most affected sector in terms of these issues. In the light of this situation, a lot of nonprofits and NGOs are making their step to protect our children from these heartbreaking situations in our society. One of these NGOs is Young Focus Philippines. 

Young Focus Philippines aims to provide quality education for underprivileged children and young people in poor communities. The Young Focus vision and mission is to improve the mental, physical and social being of children and young adults. They provide quality education, health care services, and personal support to cater to the needs of young people in the community. The goal is to see children thrive through honing their talents and skills so that they’ll have a chance to break the cycle of poverty. 

The program of Young Focus Philippines is purpose-built for the needs of the children within the community. Giving the children an opportunity to learn based on their needs and working directly in their niche helps the organization establish a more effective way of providing education. 

Early Childhood Program (Children age 3-5) 

The focus of this program is to provide children with caliber education that helps them improve their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. It includes life skills, play, and basic education. 

Love2learn (aged 8-15)

This program’s focal point is on the out-of-school youth in elementary due to lack of financial capability and lack of educational and social support. Young Focus came up with an idea to have tutorials for these children for a year before enrolling them into the local school. They also work with the families to solve issues that affect the chance of the children to finish their studies. 

School sponsorship for aged 6-20+ 

The organization provides tuition fees, uniforms, books, and other school materials for young people to support their studies. They also have compulsory tutorials for all children under sponsorship at the student center. In this facility, they have a computer room, a library, classrooms, and recreational activities. The students can also take part in writing classes, arts, music lessons,  and dance groups which allow them to develop their skills and hone their abilities to be equipped for the real world. When young focus students finish their tertiary education, Young focus helps them through partner companies in supporting graduates in finding a job. Furthermore, Young Focus college graduates lead their own group and activities, with supervision from Young Focus staff. 

The above mentioned are a few of the projects of the Young Focus Philippines to break the cycle of poverty and help children reach their full potential. Having this kind of platform gives our community hope for a better future not only for our children but also for the community that we belong to. 

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