Back To School Tips

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Now that the world is starting the so-called “new normal”, most countries are getting back to school again. It was almost two years that kids were used for homeschooling. Thus, getting back to school is tricky, especially for those new to a formal school setup. Knowing some back-to-school tips can help both the parents and kids.

Tips For Parents

It is normal for many children to become nervous about their new school, teacher, and classmates. To avoid such, parents should rehearse or brief their children about the situation at the school. A week before the start of school, take your children to their new school. Point out some positive aspects about what the children would expect during the first day of school.

Backpack Safety

When buying a backpack, choose the one with padded, wide shoulder straps. Make sure the back is padded. Pack light and organize the items. The weight of the backpack, including the things, should not be more than the bodyweight of your child. The bottom of the backpack must sit at the waist of your child.


If your children are traveling back and forth to school, it is essential to brief them about safety. Familiarize them with safe access, boarding and exiting the bus, and use seat belts. Remind your child to stay in the seat while inside the bus.

Walking To school

Walking to school can save you transportation expenses, especially if your home is near the school. It is essential to train your child on how to cross the streets and intersections. As much as possible, let your child walk with an adult or crossing guards if you’re not available to accompany. Teach your children about pedestrian skills. Keep in mind that children are less cautious and impulsive.

Eating Routine

During the school days, encourage your children to eat breakfast because it is an essential meal of the day. Better breakfast will help them be energetic and have better focus. You can prepare a packed lunch to ensure your child is eating the right food even at school. If the school canteen is offering meal plans, check first what they offer.

Sleep Routine

It is essential for your child to have enough sleep during school days. Set a bedtime and stick with it. Do not allow your child to use electronic devices during bedtime.

Study Habits

As parents, help your child develop good study habits and do homework. As much as possible, implement household rules such as no electronic distractions or TV while doing the homework or study time.


The back-to-school tips discussed above will help both the parents and students to achieve a smooth flow. Parents must ensure everything is well-planned for the good of the children. It is also important to always remind the children of the significance of going to school.

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