The Education System in the Philippines During the Covid 19 Pandemic

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Education is one of the most vital social institutions. Education helps the people in society to learn knowledge and be well-rounded individuals. To others, education serves as a tool for people to improve their personal lives. It can help them live a more comfortable and successful life. 

Now let’s talk about the educational system in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the nations in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and was classified as one of the 3rd world countries. As a third-world country, Money is always the problem. Giving funds to every sector in the government particularly in education becomes a challenge. As the new decade starts, the education system shifts into a different approach and setup. As the result of the Covid 19 pandemic, It had affected our society in many different ways that altered the course of life. Major countries around the world canceled Face-to-face classes during the first wave of the covid 19 pandemic. But as the world continues to revolve, a lot of things change. Vaccines are created and distributed all around the world. Yet the Philippines had faced so much struggle getting vaccines for the people due to delay of the vaccine rollout. Due to vaccine inequity, herd immunity in the Philippines is expected to attain in 2023 according to some experts. As a result, Online classes are still ongoing. 

Online classes are the most effective way to continue providing equitable knowledge to children. It is safe and you can stay in the comfort of your own home. However, teachers and students had encountered a lot of problems. Internet connection is the number one factor that affects online learning. This is followed by health-associated problems such as digital eye strain that cause discomfort to your eyes after two or more hours in front of the digital screen. Furthermore, when it comes to children. It is a challenge to make them focus and get their attention during online classes. Some of the kids had a hard time because of a new set of learning. As a result, the number of dropouts increases due to a lack of capability to keep up with the demand for new learning approaches. On the flipside, Teachers experience hardship on online learning such as lack of available resources, technical problems, constant power cuts, and more. 

Trying times like this needs us to help one another in the best way that we can. Government must keep pushing for a better educational system that our children deserve. Dr. Jose Rizal once said, “youth is the hope of our future.” Therefore, as parents, we need to give them the full support and attention that our children need. Keep inspiring them and believe in them. Always remind them that if they believe in the beauty of their dreams. It’ll come true. 

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