Top 5 University Courses You Should Consider

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A young person’s time in college is exciting, but it also comes with a lot of important choices to make. For example, selecting the best university for your studies can be difficult, but it’s nothing compared to deciding what to study. When you are leaving home for the first time, it can be terrifying to ponder the long term effects of your decision and how they will affect the rest of your career.

Therefore, it can be useful to know which university and college courses are a safe pick, especially if you’re unsure about what to choose. All of the degrees on this list are quite marketable, and many of them offer a flexible entry point into a range of industries.


There are many reasons to become a doctor, including the well-respected and highly fulfilling nature of the profession, the sizable salary on offer, and the chance to follow your own therapeutic interests as your career progresses. On the other hand, applying to medical school is a famously difficult process, and the program itself demands dedication, hard work, and a ton of studying. However, with doctors almost assured a lucrative position at the end of their training, the ends definitely justify the means.


Although the construction sector is ultimately influenced by outside political and economic considerations, there is no denying that when things are going well, everyone wins. And if you have the necessary talents, one such very lucrative and gratifying industry job is architecture.

There is no doubt that you need a degree in architecture if you want to work as an architect. With the training track spanning upwards of seven years and no assurance of a job at the end of it, it’s also a significant commitment. However, there is no reason why you can’t start producing some significant amounts of money if you have the correct motivation and ambition, a solid portfolio, and a strong network of contacts.

Business Studies

There is a growing consensus that you don’t need to spend money on an expensive degree program in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. While there is evidence that you may succeed in a company on your own, not everyone is Bill Gates or Richard Branson.

So it makes sense to have a solid foundation in business studies or marketing. In addition, not everyone wants to go it alone, and if you want to climb the corporate ladder, this is a fantastic place to start. Particularly in the continually expanding field of marketing, where brilliant and innovative brains are always in demand.


If you want to work as an accountant, you don’t absolutely need to study accounting; there are other entry points, such as a higher apprenticeship. However, as a student, you’ll have far more time and room to hone your accounting abilities and the opportunity to expand your network of contacts.

You can apply for internships at some of the best accounting firms in the world if you do well in your academics. Most of these employers will help you complete your remaining chartered examinations if you can secure a permanent position, allowing you to go forward and start earning serious money.


Law is another very resilient sector that is withstanding the STEM onslaught. There are several career opportunities available to you as a lawyer, including the chance to specialize in the area that most interests you (or, indeed, financially lucrative).

A law degree is still a crucial prerequisite for obtaining a training contract and passing the bar, even if there are currently initiatives in some countries to make the legal profession more open to nongraduates. A law degree is also highly valued in other fields, such as real estate, politics, and client representation, if you don’t wish to work in the legal profession.

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